Saturday, January 17, 2009

On the 7th day of pin's a cop out, but one for the best. .

After being called into work at 9pm, I was still at that time debating what the 7th day of pin cushion would be.

So, we have the cop out pin cushion. However, I think it has already become my favourite. I wasn't going to do this one but, time wasn't on my side. So I whipped it up. Stuck in a pin and promptly stuck it through into my finger. Whipped it off, unpicked, slid in some template plastic and it fits like a glove, or is that a finger pin cushion. I can't wait to add these to some pressies throughout the year for friends that are hand sewers.

Yay for pin cushions.

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Moeder Kip said...

Gorgeous! And really good advice re the template plastic... looks like another project to add to me list :-)