Friday, January 16, 2009

On the 6th day of pincushion...........only 6 more days to go!

Well, I think tomorrow in the nice sunshine I need to take out the 6 and get some good photo's as the dodgy flash in the night ones aren't showing off them in their glory.

I am back to my love affair.

First comes my wild Flower, which when you have a quick look you think, hmmmmm, nice, pretty, average size. It is the MONSTER pin cushion. It's fantastic!!! It is the pin cushion of all pin cushions. The one you use for your quilting safety pins. THE WHOLE BOX OF THEM!!!

Then just a pretty little one to finish the night. I just love the fabric and the little vintage buckle.

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Retro Ragamuffins said...

I love the wild flower pattern, you may have inspired me to finally make one! Yours looks great lovely fabric choices.