Monday, December 7, 2009

The mess.

I always love looking at others creative areas on blogs so thought I would quickly take some pics of the sewing room in it's natural state.

Some of the stash (or rather, just a little of the stash)

Some of the lovely dolls quilts from swaps and have one more to pop up.

Some of the Christmas bags for presents that have gone out or are ready to go out filled with goodies.

Lastly a sneak at the latest project that I hope to have done by Christmas.

Friday, November 6, 2009


It's that time of year again, EB's dolls quilt swap. While eagerly waiting the opening of the parcel, I know my swappee has it in her hot little hands.

I was so happy with how it turned out so hope she likes it. She listed red and aqua as favourite colours and liked heavily quilted quilt so hopefully she will like this one.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lugger Bags

Inspired by the clever blogger Milly, I've made some lugger bags over the last few months.

The first was for an EB swap. Still not sure if my swapee liked it but I thought it was fantastic and would have loved to keep it.

This next one was my older son's request as a present for his teacher's birthday. They are his hand prints all over it. I really hope she likes it.

They are super easy to make and I took the opportunity to print some more fabric with hands for grandparents and creche leaders with both boys. More bag pictures to come.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

EB Dolls Quilt Swap

It's getting longer between posts, but that doesn't mean nothing is going on.

I will post some of the lovely swap items I have received lately. My camera isn't working so I am finding it difficult to do some posts.

Here is a sneaky peak at the design of a dolls quilt for the EB dolls quilt swap. I am just loving it and am going to have a lot of trouble popping it in the post.

Monday, September 7, 2009

DQS7 - Swap Time again

It's that time again when off to the wild blue yonder goes a quilt.

I was lucky enough to get someone on the other side of the world this time that gave me my the option of "Quilter's Choice" and encouraged quilters to try something new.

This gave me the perfect chance to try thread painting. A technique I have wanted to try for some time and gave it a crack about 6 months ago and gave up. I was determine though to do this!

It involved first the drawing and painting with fabric paint:
Then filling in with thread and quilting:

It looked a tad plain so added a couple of stars and beads:Add a border, little more quilting (and shocking photography.....I promise it is square!) and we're done!

While a far cry from my usual type of quilting I am stoked with the results. Hope my swap partner in the far yonder of the USA is happy with their package.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Link to a Give Away

It's been a while between posts only because it's been a while between projects. I couldn't however miss sharing this give away. Love my rocket ship.....then meet the designer: Kellie. Her quilts are amazing and I've just bought her Christmas Tree pattern on her blog so hopefully will get that made before Christmas. She has a great giveaway at the moment.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The last baby on the block.

Another baby is on the block and of course needed a nice little something to snuggle in.

Inspired by Don't look Now and her cute as Rocket ships, this quilt was full of robots and space ships. The red swirls just look wrong in this photo but I just loved the fabric so much I had to include it.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

2 quilts in 2 weeks

What a week!

New babies and new house, mean new quilts!

Flannel Quilt
First one is in all snuggly flannels for a little baby that is meant to still be cooking but instead is the SNU. She'll be out soon though as she is a little fighter.

Spiderweb Quilt
Then, friends bought/built their first home and we had the fortune to visit it today. The house is just lovely! They have great style so I was a tad concerned this wouldn't match but it looked like it would fit in. I did think I had another week or 2 finish it so when I got the email inviting us over for lunch today......let's just say there was not a lot of sleep and the threads in the photo were trimmed off in the car. I just love the fabric and the design though.

Monday, May 11, 2009

DQS6 - Is received.

My apologies to Xena for taking so long to blog this, but it is hanging up in the sewing room. Conferences, ethics and study have kept getting in the way.

I received for my swap this lovely little landscape. The bird is cute as a button with little detail. The cliff face is my favourite. I was sure it was a path but now that it is hanging I see how it was designed.

Thank you Xena.

Here are some photo's of my favourite parts. Of course as I've gone to blog this, I've realised that I have no photo of the full quilt and now my camera is packed in readiness for QLD. You have to pop over to Xena's for better photo's.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DQS6 - Is home

It arrived safe, sound and loved. Phew!!

The Fishies:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

DQS6 - Is on its way.

After a rocky start of sketching, cutting, stitching, chucking it and starting all over again, it is finished, packaged up and was popped in the post today.

I'm pretty happy with it, of course I have seen something I would change if I could, at the last minute but I can't so, I really hope my swappee likes it.

Now, I know my swappee reads this sometimes, so can only post sneak peeks...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

Nothing better than being in a birthday FQ swap.

Especially when you have swappers as lovely as mine. Not only was there little FQ's, but there was buttons, a mag, extra fabric and that naughty Bec even managed to get in some chocolate (YUM!)

Here is the fabulous haul so far! I just love the retro theme and how diverse the fabrics are!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A long time between posts....

It's been a while. Life has caught up however, the post man found me in the month of March.

First came little envelopes of goodness in the form of a Charm Square Swap with the EB quilters:

By golly there are some pretty reds out there. The fav's being.....

Then there is more mail but I will wait until all have arrived in the form of Birthday Fat quarter swap!!!

Lastly, the DQS6, hmmm, it's still in the making but at the moment here is a little sneak peak. Not entirely sure I am happy with it however it is almost finished so after looking at it for a while, I will still have plenty of time to make another if I am not.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

DSQ6 - YAY!!

Finally have joined a swap and am looking forward to the challenge.

For my partner, here is a few of my favourites.

1. An Early Snowfall, 2. Doll quilt, 3. Rainbow Swirl Dolls Quilt, 4. and One for, 5. Twinkle cover quilt, 6. tumbling blocks, 7. DQS5 - I (heart) pink!, 8. Jump Rope Katie Dolls Quilt Front, 9. For the Birds

I would love one for the wall in modern colours. Not a huge fan of autumns, country or pastel colours. Something arty also excites me, but not a fan of rick rac or yoyo's. I plan to hang it and have a spot all ready for it. I like simple but striking colours and patterns and thinks just a little left of friend. Hope that helps? Off to look through the blog of my partner now.......

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pin Cushion Swap

It's is almost the end of all things pincushion-ness with a swap.

The clever Buggirl AKA Moederkip sent this cute little box:

And in it, the cutest pincushion. I especially love those pin. I have no idea why, just the shape and look is so nice.

Thank you!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Very Apron Birthday.... and other birthday's too.

Phew, just scraped in for my Project a month.

The camera (and all the photo's of things) decided it loved the Zoo so much it would stay for a while. It was posted back by the Zoo people once it was over it's holiday, however they decided, just popping it in an envelope would be fine. We are very very lucky it arrived in one piece.

So, an apron. Geez I love this and don't actually want to give it away however I know the recipient really wants one so hope she likes it.

Then my little boy turned 2. The love of his life apart from his older brother, is of course Iggle Piggle. So of course that would have to be his cake. It was a hit though he was a tad overwhelmed by it all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bushfire Quilt Project & Swaps.

What an amazing woman. Will post off a few blocks as I get a chance to put them together.
They are super easy but just have to tweak the size, first was too small. Second worked out just right.

Then, opened my swap parcel from the EB haby swap. I was lucky enough to get Moederkip . I was so spoilt and have already used some of the fab stuff. I especially love the little needle case and also the little glass buttons.