Sunday, January 25, 2009

THE Jolly Roger!

Not something I ever thought I would be making however, all in the name of the joy of a child. Master B is in QLD on holidays with Grandparents. We thought we would do the great room make-over. As he doesn't do too well with change we asked about what "theme" he would like as dinosaurs is getting a little old. Apparently Pirates is the new in thing. Quilt cover purchased, new bed, desk etc. Wall hanging, well, the request was a jolly roger and I need to practice my machine quilting.

Jolly Roger it is, even if it is slightly off centre (though only saw this in the photo...grr!):

The idea then is once pinned to practice quilting. I am totally in love at the moment with Don't Look Now's Blog. Her skills are fab. I am determined not to mess this up. So, the process:
1. Produce quilt top
2. Practice the doodle of pattern
3. Sandwich the quilt with pins then quilt.

So how many pins is too much?

Well, a quarter has been done. It is a little dodgy but an almost 7 year old wouldn't care. Quilting photo's tomorrow.

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