Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Very Apron Birthday.... and other birthday's too.

Phew, just scraped in for my Project a month.

The camera (and all the photo's of things) decided it loved the Zoo so much it would stay for a while. It was posted back by the Zoo people once it was over it's holiday, however they decided, just popping it in an envelope would be fine. We are very very lucky it arrived in one piece.

So, an apron. Geez I love this and don't actually want to give it away however I know the recipient really wants one so hope she likes it.

Then my little boy turned 2. The love of his life apart from his older brother, is of course Iggle Piggle. So of course that would have to be his cake. It was a hit though he was a tad overwhelmed by it all.


Becky said...

That is a great looking apron, I would want to keep it as well.

We love Iggle Piggle here as well!

Cascade Lily said...

OMG re the camera!

Love the Iggle Piggle cake - very clever of you!

Great apron too!

Sue said...

Love the apron & the fabric :)
what pattern did you use for the apron? thats the style I want to make.