Thursday, January 22, 2009

Give Away On the 12th day of Pin cushion, it's all for the readers.

I have come to the end of my pin cushion-fest. It has been lovely and I have enjoyed it so much I'd love to make one to give away. However I'd like to make one in colours you love. Leave a comment by Saturday 5pm (EST) with your favourite pin cushion, your favourite colours and if you like traditional/brights/modern and I will have on in the post first thing after the public holidays (tuesday) for you.

Choices are:
1. Wild Flower
2. Patch square
3. Amish Puzzle Ball
4. Hanging Pin cushion
5. Wooly ball (I promise yours would look far nicer than mine!)
6. Circles Pincushion
7. Star
8. Itty Bitti

I will also pop in a little finger one of matching fabric.

Here they all are for size comparison!


Mands said...

Oh Cylie - well done. I've enjoyed seeing all of the pincushions as you have been making them. I think that my favourite is the flower. I also love the pyramid one.

Jenn said...

I so much love the cupcake one - I keep kidding myself I could sew something like that lol.

Emma said...

They're all great! I'm very taken by the puzzle one, but the hanging pyramid would be the most useful. I rather like it in cherries, to!

Moeder Kip said...

I love them all... but that little tiny one has really stolen my heart! (good things do come in small packages)

Kylie said...

What a brilliant idea and wonderfully executed as well! My faves - The Amish Puzzle Ball and the Wild Flower huge one!

Kirsty said...

They are all lovely, but my fav is the Amish Puzzle Ball, loves the material you have used on it.