Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wedding quilting.....

I love a good wedding and love a good wedding quilt.
What I don't love is bad photo's of good wedding quilts but here we go anyway.
Hope the happy couple love it as much as I loved making. It does have a story though.....

I have a 4 year old that is "fun". So first I sewed up the triangles and then laid it all out. 196 squares in total. Thank heaven's I took a picture as the "fun" child walked through them, throwing them in the air and telling me it was raining. Hmm, it wasn't received well but I could do nothing but laugh and then spend another few hours laying it out again.

Then, all sewed up and ready for sandwiching. Where do I find it? Apparently the dog was cold and the "fun" child decided to give her a new blanket. So I then had to wash it prior to the next quilting process. Do I think he was done I then started to sandwich, where is my spray glue, well, let's say the backyard fort is pretty sticky.

All up though, I was happy in the end and it is perfect size for a big snuggle under.