Monday, January 28, 2008

The fabricbug is live!

For those that like licensed children's character fabric, my fabric website is now up and ready to go!!

The fabricbug


There are pictures today!!!

What a day!

With a little help looking after the kids, all things are possible.

2 quilt tops done!

Prints Charming - Follow your imagination: Big Flower. Slightly different different from the pattern as I didn't want the black that the pattern uses. Can't wait to quilt it and give it to my couch!

Next: B's Dinosaur Quilt

Last - the work in progress: All sewn by a friend under my guidance. Not that I am an amazingly great guide given the amount of unpicking we did but it's almost done. Needs 3 more seams done and then clipped. Can't wait to see the final pic.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

No pictures today.....

But spent the day with a friend make her mum a raggy quilt. The colours weren't my thing (though I loved the backing fabric), but it turned out lovely. I kept having a brain fart and messing the colours up but was delighted in the end. I will post a picture as soon as I can upload it.

Also having a spot of holidays in QLD with the parents. So far have almost finished a crocheted pirate and also that I have had time to start on a quilt I am making my self out of the Prints Charming fabric from the above photos in red and beige.

Will try for photo's tomorrow.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

More fabric love.

Just back from a lovely little jaunt to a little town called Paynesville. Have friends there that offered their house up for housesitting while they were away so a good friend and I planned a week of holidays at Rancho Relaxo with our families.

The kids ran amok while we sat and ate and dreamed up new projects. We were fueled with ideas after visiting possibly the most delightful quilting shop I have come across. Gone quilting is full of modern and retro prints and the most amazing range of patterns. Her website hardly has anything listed at the moment but she has promised to put more there.

Now for my purchases - check this out! First lot is from the Prints Charming range and planning on making a modified version of one of their free pattern. We purchased this lovely red leather corner lounge and this is the exact same red. I can't wait to sew it.

I have given in the the realization that the Karen Stone quilt I have been doing for the wall in sewing area is really really hard and I don't have the time for it with the kids at the moment so needed something else in the meantime. I saw this and knew I could easily look at dresses and handbags. Will definitely put some shoes in there somewhere to. Grabbed a stack of fat quarters and some trim for this also.

So, let the sewing begin.....

I did manage though while away to pack in some crocheting as well. B has his heart set on a pirate. So far the pirate has 2 legs, a waist a 1 sleeve. So better get cracking and maybe can get the rest of his body done tonight.