Sunday, April 27, 2008

Softie Swap

I've been part of a softie swap. After much deliberation and arguing with my sewing machine and it's naughty tension I have finally finished it.

I hope my Swap partner likes him. I as so tempted to keep him as I think he is gorgeous and will just have to make another.

He's made in lovely flannels with some vintage buttons and trim to finish it off. He's called George in the book but we think he is really a "Henry".

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Handmade Birthday Presents

I must admit is it getting hard as they get older but the lovely Ness pointed me to the direction of crochet finger puppets. She modified the matching castle and so they were made.

Orginal pattern from here and here but if you check out Ness's she added in a Prince and a Witch.....clever clogs! I am not that clever nor have the inclination as if you will remember, I vowed to not crochet toys again!

It's the day of the party!

It has arrived. There is excitement in the house. I must say I am glad....I am over the Dinosaur/dragon theme this year. I long for pretty cakes......

Anyways, here is Mr B's birthday cake for his party today. His tail is a tad short as I miscalculated the size and his scales aren't scaly enough but B loves it and that is all that matters!!

And just for the fun of is the Master A's first birthday cake from feb. If I am breaking the craft only posts I may as well do it properly!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My big boy is going to be six!

I'm breaking my "only craft posts" rule. Tomorrow my big baby is turning 6. According to him there are so many things that a 6 year old can do that a 5 year old can't. They can read, say grace and bedtime prayers (though as 3 year old he could do this but not a 4 or 5!!!), amazing!

While the party is on Sunday complete with dinosaur cake, he has once again requested bug cupcakes. As I love making them so much I didn't argue so here they are in all their glory.

Happy Birthday to my B boy!!