Monday, December 15, 2008


WOOT!!! Love this time of year. Presents are going out thick and fast. So far we have had:

Cafe apron in super retro green and chocolate, where I got to practice a little flappy border thingie (I know there is a technical name for it and can't remember what it is).

Then a use for that funny bottom fabric. Another of those great little shopper bags.

The always useful pencil/crayon rolls. Whipped up another of these last night and handed it out and forgot to take a pic so you will have to imagine a third.

Last but not least, the end result of the sandwich and fruit pack. A little lunch bag with 2 pieces of bread, cheese, ham, tomato, cucumber, boiled egg slices and baby spinach leaves. Also a few strawberries to finish it off.


Emma said...

A flange.

You've been very busy!

Cascade Lily said...

Can you tell where you got that fab pistachio and chocolate fabric from? It's GORGEOUS! Well done on a crafty Christmas

Waiting for goth said...

Thankyou so much for my apron and bag!! I absolutely love them and am in awe of your sewing skill :-)