Friday, March 28, 2008

A day at the Job Warehouse

I got my day and boy was it a day. Mucking around in the dust and dirt and boxes and crates. The stuff that I unearthed was amazing. Lace, trim, ceramic buttons, thimbles, button on collars, woollen under garments and feathers in every colour of the rainbow all hand wired, braids, lace, netting, satins, silks felt hats.

Here is some of the treasures that were unearthed!
Guipure Lace, black 100% cotton on wooden spools, ceramic buttons, tortoiseshell buttons

Lace, lace and more lace, trim, ricrack, sequined trim, eyelet lace. I can't take good photos but this stuff is so beautiful.

Darning thread in every colour of the rainbow. Even some wool darning thread!

I haven't taken pictures of the other things that really don't show up well. Some buttons that are made of pressed metal, some old buckles, thimbles. Oh the goodies.

I have been invited back and can't wait to go next time to see what I can find.

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waitingforgoth said...

Wow, sounds like a day of bliss for you - shopping & fabricky goodies!