Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quilts of the past

Have had a few requests for pictures for some other stuff I've done.

Here are the favourites.
First is "Breaking the Drought" by Lisa Walton from "Dyed and Gone to Heaven" fame. Here is her link for the pattern:" Mine however is just "Full on Drought". It's hanging in our dining room on the wall and I just love sitting and looking at it. I was lucky enough to meet Lisa at a Quilting conference and chatted about the colours I wanted so she helped me choose. They worked so well together. There is also beading, hand painting, embellishing with silk cocoons, ribbons and thread.

The next favourite was one I made while pregnant with my second child. I needed to do heart as I love them so, but it needed to be boyish. So this is what happened. I really need a lesson in good quilt photographer though as you can't see the quilted hearts in the middle that well.

Last but not least is the gift I made my mum. She wanted something retro and I was in my traditional quilting phase. It is lovely and I am so glad she has it over her lounge, ready to be pulled over as a rug for a snooze at a moments notice.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eye spy quilt

Almost forgot.

Just a little something I whipped up this afternoon in preperation for our long drive to Brissy. An eye spy quilt. Lots of things to look for and a bit of fur for fun (or rather I ran out of fabric so had to improvise.)

Task 2 down.

OK, tasks were:
1. Amy Butler Bag - check
2. What are little boys made of - NOW CHECK!!!
Just leave the other two on the list for now.

Finished this quilt this afternoon after 3 years in the making. The majority of it is hand sewn. Silly idea really but thought it right at the time. Back it with polar fleece and no wadding. I really wanted this to be a snuggle and use lots type of quilt. (Just saw threads that need snipping in the photo too!)

Just folded over the PF at the edges for the binding. Looks a tad on the dodgy side but I am so over this. At least the back is sooooo very neat thanks to a friend and her mum and their "green pinning carpet". Not a hiccup in sight.

Darling son though, when presented with the gift his mother had toiled over had one thing to say. "Looks good mum, you give it to A, my has to have dinosaurs". Cheeky brat! Does he not realise this took me 3 years!!!

Well I'm sure the baby will love it and I guess I am on the lookout for a quilt with Dinosaurs.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fabric Heaven!

I have found the shop of my dreams!

Oh my! I am in love. Currently desperately trying to finish some projects but the new knitting bug gets in the road.

Almost finished B's quilt and he has told me, "It's good mum. You give it to A though, I want dinosaurs" Grrr!!!! So will see. Should have it done this week so will post some pics then.

Got a pattern also to make origami fabric cranes. A doesn't have a mobile for his room yet so thing I might whip one up at some stage.

All most finished hand sewing the fabric blocks also so check back for more photos of those......phew. If only I didn't need to sleep!