Saturday, December 29, 2007

The new year is coming quickly!

What a year it has been...

I did forget to take some piccies of the other Christmas things I did such as the Reindeer taggies for presents which were very cute but no doubt will do more next year.

Have spent the last few weeks lusting after a book of softies and finally got around to making a few and the mind was whirring while loving every moment of it. Current thought is.....

The website The Bedbug is getting a sister site The Fabricbug (currently in testing phase). This will be stocking all the licensed fabrics that I get in. I often have scraps and bits and piece from the end of bolts that I have been wondering what to do with. So the whiring brain decided it would be a good idea to whip up some softies and sell them on the site. As the cost is minimal and I just love sewing I've decided that I will donate the bulk of the money to my favourite charity Adra and to the women's refuges they run in Australia.

Here are some of the prototypes:
1. Polar fleece Alien: I have this polar fleece in Dora, Thomas and princesses as well as plain blue and cream so should make some cute ones. Was also thinking of felt for eyes for bubs. He is about 30cm long and nice and cuddly. Price $20 and donate $15

2. Rabbit: Archer already thinks this is hilarious and has taken great delight in whacking everything he can with it. (He looks a tad wriggly in this as I had just rescued him from a whacking attack). He is about 25cm long and just squishy! Have heaps of fabrics that I can use including Dora, Thomas, Cars, Princesses, Winnie the Pooh as well as a heap of craft prints that would be great out of my fabric stash.
Price $15 and donate $10

3. Owl: Did the front and back panel of this on in Treehouse "Rumble in the Jungle" fabric and hope to get some more in so it can match the stock that we have in the store. It's is stuffed really firmly and eyes and nose are in felt. He is almost pillowlike. Sits about 20-25cm high. Price $30 and donate $20.

That is if I don't give them all to the kids first. They are so cute!!!

Also got this great Sock Monkey book but am saving that for the next holiday where I need to hand sew to keep me busy. Would love to hear feedback on this idea though.

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