Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thanks to Mum and Youtube....

I can now knit. Being left handed means it is a challenge and I defiantly had mum scratching her head but Youtube saved the day. So far a cardy for Archer's has been whipped up. I will get a piccie of him wearing it even though it is almost too small. I am very proud of it for my first attempt.

I then knitted up this soft rabbit toy on a trip to the farm last weekend. It has no face as I need to get some thin black wool. I only had thick and every time I sew it up it look plain evil so I have to unpick it. Will post it again when it doesn't look demented.

Off to start a top for me now and Billy has now put in an order for a jumper. After all, why should Archer and I have all the fun!

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carolw said...

Well, I have just the most talented daughter. Congratulations, now I will be made redundant with knitting! Looks great.