Monday, September 7, 2009

DQS7 - Swap Time again

It's that time again when off to the wild blue yonder goes a quilt.

I was lucky enough to get someone on the other side of the world this time that gave me my the option of "Quilter's Choice" and encouraged quilters to try something new.

This gave me the perfect chance to try thread painting. A technique I have wanted to try for some time and gave it a crack about 6 months ago and gave up. I was determine though to do this!

It involved first the drawing and painting with fabric paint:
Then filling in with thread and quilting:

It looked a tad plain so added a couple of stars and beads:Add a border, little more quilting (and shocking photography.....I promise it is square!) and we're done!

While a far cry from my usual type of quilting I am stoked with the results. Hope my swap partner in the far yonder of the USA is happy with their package.